Saturday 9 February 2008

Above: A doodle from last year.

Below: More antlerism from Rasmus Klump møder Ursula, by Carla and Vilhelm Hansen.

Two Rasmus Klump books were published in the US by Random House in 1979, Barnaby Bear builds a boat, and Barnaby Bear visits the farm, but these translations don't really do justice to the Danish originals. Reading the copyright declaration, I suspect they may have actually been translated from the German editions, so translations of translations.

I have not made it to Colindale to track down Klump’s Scottish incarnation, as Bruin in the Evening Times. There seem to have been a few British books that derived from this newspaper run: The Bruin Story and Bruin’s Adventures at Sea, both published by the Evening Times in 1950, and later from Brockhampton Press came Bruin Sets Sail, Bruin is Shipwrecked (1958), Bruin the Deep Sea Diver (1959).

Rasmus Klump © Egmont Serieforlaget

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