Rasmus Klump in Scotland

Monday 18 February 2008

Following my previous posts on Rasmus Klump, I was lucky enough to find a book for sale online of the Glasgow Evening Times version of the strip. I think this was published about 1950.

(Edit: The strip made its Danish newspaper debut in November 1951, so the Evening Times version is obviously later than that.)
I’d expected this to be a book reprinting strips that had previously appeared in the paper, but no, it’s a scrapbook that readers could receive along with their membership of The Bruin Club, so that they could collect the strips and paste them in.
The copy I have has four blank pages towards the end, so despite the diligence of its original owner in collecting the strips, there may be a few missing. I believe there is at least one gag from the story that I’ve seen in the French edition which is missing here. On the other hand I don’t recall seeing the two gags below in any other editions of this first Klump story.

All book editions of Klump seem to be missing some strips from the original Danish newspaper run. The first book edition, in landscape format and now available in a facsimile edition, includes strips left out of later portrait format editions. The French series (second edition) breaks the first Klump story into two volumes, and so includes even more than the Danish landscape edition. I don’t have a copy of the French edition to compare this with at the moment, though.

The unfinished story in the first strip below became a running joke throughout the strip’s run – it’s nice to at last see the first example of it.
I’m happy to say that this Scottish translation seems much superior to the American one from the ’70s.

Rasmus Klump/Bruin copyright © Egmont Serieforlaget.

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