Peggy’s pictures of Spain

Tuesday 27 April 2010

A tree in Ronda.

Peggy’s flamenco dress. She got it in Córdoba, but identical children’s flamenco dresses were for sale in souvenir shops at nearly every place we visited.

As well as the Velasquez paintings in the Prado, we saw lots of figurines based on his portraits for sale in Madrid. One window had unpainted figurines that you could decorate yourself, which would have been perfect for Peggy, but it was Sunday and the shop was closed. She already has a small collection of princesses and fairy figures that she’s painted, as well as a plaster Jesus and a BVM that her grandparents brought back from Mexico. Jesus looks so sweet and feminine that he’s joined the princesses, and we haven’t bothered to correct her. She’s improved the paint scheme considerably; she noticed the original painter had been very clumsy with painting the fingernails, leaving big red marks on the palms of the hands.

A playground in Bilbao, near the wobbly silver building and the dog from Koons the Florist.